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Brownstone Shared Housing offers an innovative option for affordable housing

Rent is $500 a month.
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Posted at 9:54 PM, May 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-06 22:00:11-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — Rises in rent and home prices have made finding an affordable place to live a difficult task, but a new concept found here in Bakersfield gives residents the opportunity to live small and save money.

After its success of offering sleeping pods to residents in Palo Alto, Brownstone Shared Housing is now offering sleeping pods to Bakersfield residents. It’s to help those who might be struggling to afford their current living situation and to provide a more sustainable option.

“We got our light in here, we have an AC unit it just bows cool air and then we have a wall outlet so you can charge small devices, a hanging bar, and this is what it looks like with the curtain closed so it's your own private space,” said Christina Lennox, Founder of Brownstone Shared Housing.

Inside a home in central Bakersfield, six hand-constructed private sleeping pods are stacked in one room.

“Over here is our pod room. This is basically what we call our pods.”

Lennox said the shared home is fully furnished and also includes a storage room. “Each person gets their own shelf, and then they get their own drawers, hangers, there are also closets here for everybody.”

Along with two bathrooms, a living room, laundry, kitchen, and backyard area among other spaces.

Lennox said rent is $500 a month, and leases are month to month. Background checks are done on all applicants before move-in, but a credit check is not necessary.

“The American systems have kind of failed us. Especially us younger generations, and so this is a good way to get into a place to rent for a more affordable price and the utilities are included.”

She currently lives in one of the sleeping pods in the Palo Alto house and said she enjoys the community.

“It's kind of cool because you can come out and like just socialize with people, and everybody helps each other out.”

Lennox said she understands the struggle to find affordable housing but hopes this option provides an affordable and friendly place to live for those who need it.

“I know that it’s really difficult to feel like you’re seen sometimes, because our rents are going up astronomically and that’s why we're here. We’re here to be like God’s community for everyone.”

Lennox said the first person has just moved into the Bakersfield home.

So far, they have received hundreds of applications from people interested in moving into the 6-person Bakersfield home and are conducting interviews to fill vacancies.

Lennox said because of the amount of interest, there are plans to open up more homes for shared living.

If you’re interested in applying, you can visit Brownstone.