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Additional security added at Foothill High after bullets found in school bathroom

Posted at 11:25 AM, Feb 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-16 16:55:33-05

Additional security was present at Foothill High School on Friday after bullets were found in a restroom sink.

This comes after a social media threat was posted on social media on Thursday. KHSD officials have not connected the two incidents.

KHSD Police confiscated the ammunition and said the bullets pose no threats to student and staff safety.

"We have and will continue to investigate the issue and have additional security and KHSD Police Officers on campus as an added measure of safety. Student and staff safety is always of the utmost importance. School will continue on a regular schedule today. The Foothill administration sent a message home to all parents/guardians of FHS students today notifying them of the situation," KHSD spokeswoman, Lisa Krch said.

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Police said no evidence was found of spent ammunition, a firearm, or that anyone was shot or anyone in immediate danger.

KHSD Police say Foothill has a pre-planned response that entails Alert, Run, Hide, Fight training. They would not disclose details on this training.

“What’s important is that the leaders of the school know what the appropriate response is and how to keep people safe," KHSD Police Chief Ed Komin said.

Police said students are supposed to be following the directions of the faculty and staff in the event of an active shooter.

KHSD Police are “confident” that what they’re doing will keep students and staff safe.

Komin said they thoroughly searched the Foothill campus and area and did not find a firearm, but that they did not search every student.

Right now, KHSD officials are working on figuring out who posted the video. 

Police said they have a few leads and will be doing interviews and forensic testing on ammunition.

Kern High officials said a threat was posted on social media on Thursday.

KHSD Police investigated the threat and found the threat not credible. A message was sent home to parents and guardians notifying them of the situation.