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Cancer patient David Marcus reacts to President Trump's well wishes on social media

Posted at 6:04 PM, Jun 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-21 21:04:56-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — The President of the United States sent a personalized message Thursday to David Marcus, a cancer patient in the fight for his life.

23ABC sat down with Marcus on Friday to learn more about his battle against colon cancer and his reaction to the President's message.

"David Marcus I've heard incredible things about you from Kevin McCarthy, I hear you are absolutely a special man, you're strong you're brave," President Donald Trump said in his message to David Marcus.

Marcus told us that he enjoyed seeing POTUS' message.

"That tickled me pink when I saw that," Marcus said.

A message of encouragement from the commander and chief for David Marcus as he pushes through his seventh battle with colon cancer.

Words of positivity made possible by a friend.

"This idea was Kevin McCarthy's because I am real good friends with Kevin," Marcus said.

Marcus is known for being a Centennial High School super fan.

His friends are rooting for him in Bakersfield and now in Washington as he has decided to stop chemotherapy treatment, after battling cancer for decades.

"I just said no more chemo after this so I decided after that I would just go with hospice care and let them make me feel as comfortable as could be," Marcus said.

Marcus said being at home is where he feels happiest and the most support. Many friends from the community stopping by to wish him well.

One friend also left him a prayer devotional he now reads every morning when he wakes up.

"Jesus bared my sickness and carried my pain therefore I give no place for sickness a pain," Marcus said.

He hopes to leave a lasting legacy behind and there is one message he also wants everyone to remember about him.

"Showing the positive and inspiration that will help you get through anything that you do," Marcus explained. "Positive, the inspiration and God those three things will help you get through everything you need to know."

However, he said the President's message is also one he will keep close and one he will never forget.

"Heard all about you good luck!" President Donald Trump said in his message to David Marcus.

Marcus said he is staying positive and he is not giving up.

All of us here at 23ABC News are keeping our thumbs up for you David!

Check out President Trump's full message below: