Cedar Fire: Sunday morning update

Posted at 1:33 PM, Aug 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-21 16:33:40-04

The following is information on the Cedar Fire for the morning of Sunday, August 21.

Officials say that the fire moved slowly south overnight, towards Black Mountain and Highway 155.

Crews said their priority today was keeping the fire from jumping Highway 155; it's currently on the north side and "backing" down the mountain towards Highway 155.

Wildfires tend to move more quickly uphill, but the south flank of the fire is currently moving downhill, giving crews time to prepare. They were observed today removing dry vegetation and fuel from around Highway 155, saying they'll use the road as a natural containment line if needed.

As of Sunday morning, the fire has burned 17,986 acres and is 5% contained. No structures have been damaged to this point.

Fire crews are also having to deal with an additional danger: weakened trees. Drought and other factors have contributed to a high tree mortality rate in the area, resulting in weaker roots and the potential for falling trees.

"That's the concern for our firefighters," said Nathan Judy of the U.S. Forest Service. "Making sure they're safe when they're out there, keeping their head on a swivel and watching every direction.

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The following road closures have been listed.

  • Highway 155 at the eastern junction of Pascoe Road on the west side of the Sequoia National Forest boundary on the east.
  • Forest Highway 90 from Highway 155 to Portuguese Pass
  • Old State Road in Wofford Heights at its junction with Mountain Shadow Road.

The Sequoia National Forest issued a closure order as well, effective on August 20. It can be viewed here and a map can be viewed here.

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