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Confined Space Rescue: 3 pulled from Randsburg mine

Two Kern County firefighters rescued a hiker who fell 120 feet down an abandoned mine shaft in Randsburg
Randsburg Mine Rescue 1
Posted at 10:48 AM, Oct 20, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-20 13:48:53-04

RANDSBURG, Calif. — County fire crews pulled three people from a vertical mineshaft near the town of Randsburg early Friday morning. One person suffered major injuries and was airlifted to the hospital for treatment.
Officials say the three people were part of a group that was spending the day in the area when they came upon an unseen mineshaft.
First responders arrived after 11 pm on Thursday night and were able to pull two people out who tried to reach the third person. Both were not injured.
County firefighters did a confined space rescue, using a pulley system to reach the initial victim who fell 120 feet into the mine.
The unidentified person had life-threatening injuries and was pulled from the mine and then airlifted to the hospital for treatement.


RANDSBURG, Calif., Thursday night, just before 11:00 p.m., Kern County firefighters were dispatched to rescue a person who had fallen into a vertical mineshaft. Upon arrival, firefighters investigated the scene and found there were three individuals in the mineshaft. Information gathered on scene painted a scary picture. While a group of friends and family were enjoying their time outdoors, one from the group fell into an unseen mineshaft. Two others from the group attempted to rescue their friend unsuccessfully, and they themselves were then unable to climb out to safety.

Firefighters started rescue operations by lifting the two individuals who had attempted to rescue their friend to the surface. They were uninjured and denied treatment and transport.

To reach the original fall victim specially trained firefighters and equipment would be needed. At the time of dispatch KCFD Urban Search and Rescue 47 began responding from Bakersfield. To reduce the time it would take for them to reach the remote desert location a shuttle operation was implemented. As USAR 47 passed through Keene, CA KCFD Helicopter 408 and crew were waiting. The firefighters and their equipment were weighed before climbing aboard, load calculations were completed, and H408 launched. Back on scene Kern County firefighters, members of the KSCO China Lake Rescue Group SAR, and Cal City firefighters continued to make the necessary preparations for the confined space entry.

Once H408 landed the team and equipment necessary to complete the rescue were in place. Working with a complex system of ropes, two KCFD firefighters were lowered 120' to the patient. The patient's condition was relayed to crews on the surface, prompting the order of Mercy Air 14 to fly to a nearby landing zone. After the patient was prepared to be lifted, haul teams above worked at the direction of the rescuers in the mineshaft, pulling the ropes and lifting all to the surface.

The patient had sustained life-threatening injuries but was immediately cared for by Paramedics waiting on the scene. The patient was taken to the landing zone nearby and then flown by Mercy Air 14 to a local hospital.