Day 6 set for Sabrina Limon trial

Posted at 8:51 AM, Sep 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-18 20:28:40-04

The Sabrina Limon trial enters Day 6. 



UPDATE (SEPT. 18 4:27 p.m.): 4:10 p.m.: Sabrina calls Corey Hamilton on Nov. 11 2014 at 14:14 p.m. asking if they’ve heard anything [about the case]. Sabrina tells Corey that Det. Meyer wants her to come in, too.

They talk about DNA tests and Sabrina asks if anything was going in Tehachapi. “I was just wondering, you know,” Sabrina said.

4:18 p.m.: “So what are they doing up there in Tehachapi?” Sabrina asks. She tells Corey that Det. Meyer wants another statement from her. She says she doesn’t know what to think of any of it, and that it’s “so random.”

4:21 p.m.: Jonathan is asked about the recording between Corey and Sabrina. He says the purpose of him being contacted was to ask him if the interview Sabrina was invited to was out of the ordinary or not.

Just before 4:30 p.m., court ends for the day and will resume Tuesday at 9 a.m.


UPDATE (SEPT. 18 4:09 p.m.) 3:30 p.m.: Court back in session. Sabrina Limon calls Det. Meyer. at 12:50 p.m. on Nov. 11 2014 asking to reschedule the final interview for Thursday instead of Wednesday. Det. Meyer agrees.

3:36 p.m.: 12th wiretap from a Nov. 11 2014 phone call between Sabrina and Jonathan. She tells him that Det. Meyer agrees to move the interview. Jonathan tells her about how the interview might go, and the investigation process. Jonathan and Sabrina say that it is strange that she has to go in for another interview.

3:43 p.m.: “I want them to find the killer, not focus on our personal life,” Sabrina says. She says the sins she and Robert have committed led her to where they are today. Jonathan responds saying “Jesus saved us,” and says they are forgiven by God.

4:03 p.m: “What I’ve learned through the loss of Robert is where we place our energy,” Sabrina says. 


UPDATE (SEPT. 18 3:12 p.m.)  3:05 p.m.: Sabrina and Jonathan repeatedly say they “trust God.”

Sabrina calls Det. Meyer to try to reschedule the final interview for a day later. Court goes to 15 min recess.


UPDATE (SEPT. 18 3:02 p.m.)  2:23 p.m.: 11th wire tap played. Sabrina tells Jonathan she has been reading the bible a lot and her “heart is heavy.” Jonathan tells her she is a “blessing from God. You are such a strong girl.” She responds by telling him she doesn’t want to be admired.

Sabrina says she couldn’t imagine Robert Limon in a wheelchair needing help, but would have helped him as his wife, although she takes comfort knowing he doesn’t have to live his life always needing assistance. Sabrina says she feels guilty for how she’s lived in the past, and wants to continue to be a “good girl” for God. “I want [God] to shine through me,” Sabrina said.


UPDATE (SEPT. 18 2:23 p.m.) 1:52 p.m.: 10th call is played between Sabrina and Jonathan. Jonathan tells her he got someone to cover his shift so he can see her. She tells him she doesn’t want Detective Meyer to attack her.

Jonathan is questioned about the use of the word “random” on the phone. He answers that they wanted to make Robert’s murder appear “random.” This agreement was made prior to Robert’s murder. To make it appear as a robbery gone wrong, they would redirect the investigation by setting up the scene of the murder.

Jonathan said this was the “foundation” of their plan. One of the things that was part of their plan was that they would erase record on their cell phones that they had been communicating often from the first attempt to killing Robert with poison, and on.


UPDATE (SEPT 18 1:53 p.m.): 1:32 p.m.: KCSO sgt. David Hubbard takes stand after court recess. Hubbard was assigned as a detective for the Robert Limon murder case. He was assigned to listen to wire taps and is a witness to “who called whom.”

1:46 p.m.: Jonathan takes the stand and is asked why he wanted to go with Sabrina to her interview in Bakersfield. He wanted to prepare her about the things they had discussed and to talk about how the interview had gone after. He is asked if he ever prayed for a “miracle” in regards to the investigation. Jonathan says he doesn’t remember using the word “miracle” but that was the essence of the prayers: for God to guide the investigation in his favor.


UPDATE (SEPT. 18 12:03 p.m.): 11:32 a.m.: Ninth call is played between Sabrina and Jonathan. Smith brings attention to a statement made by Sabrina- “I just want to live for God and for his purpose.” Smith asks, “What’s the significance of ‘for his purpose?’” Jonathan says that around that time the references to God and prayer go back to him looking for forgiveness for having killed someone three months prior.


UPDATE (SEPT. 18 11:30 a.m.): 10:51 a.m.: Eighth call is played between Sabrina and Jonathan. She tells him that she called Meyer. Jonathan and Sabrina speak about their next steps and possibilities. “Is it weird that he’s making me come to the station?” she asks Jonathan. He advises her on what to do, one suggestion being to re-schedule the interview in Bakersfield for Friday. She talks about wanting the autopsy report.

Smith questions Jonathan about his statements on the phone about their phones being wire tapped. He tells Smith that he was suspicious that detectives were trying to set up Sabrina and get them to talk about this on the phone.

Jonathan was alerting Sabrina to resort to the alibi that they agreed upon. He was suggesting that she admit on the affair but that was all they had to hide.

Smith questions Jonathan about him asking Sabrina to reschedule the interview. He says that it was so that they had time to meet about what was going on. He was suspicious that he was under investigation.

To dismiss that detectives had direct access to DNA leading back to Jonathan, Jonathan makes statements along the lines of it being a possibility that Robert could’ve brushed up against Jonathan or items that Jonathan touched in the Limon household and that’s why his DNA was found at the scene, on the call with Sabrina.


UPDATE (SEPT. 18 10:48 a.m.): 10:30 a.m.: Seventh call ends between Sabrina and Meyer. He continues to talk to her about the DNA sample and that he’s hoping it will be “the breaker” in the case. Court goes to 15 minute recess.


UPDATE (SEPT. 18 10:23 a.m.): 10:05 a.m: Sixth call is played between Sabrina and Jonathan. She tells him that Meyer called and told her they were excited about finding a DNA sample and tells him that the interview will be in Bakersfield. 

Jonathan asks Sabrina if he could see her before she went to her interview in Bakersfield. He says that he found it strange that authorities were excited about finding DNA and not having yet processed it. He paused several times during the call to collect his thoughts on an alibi, he says.

He asked her to meet to avoid talking on the phone. He was suspicious of being under investigation. They discuss how DNA samples and investigations work. Jonathan tells her that since his DNA wasn’t in any system, they probably wouldn’t suspect him right away.


UPDATE (SEPT. 18 10:11 a.m.): 9: 53 a.m.: End of fourth phone call between Sabrina and Jonathan.  Jonathan is asked about Sabrina saying “did you hear that weird beep on the phone right now?” he responds that their phones being wire tapped is something they began speaking about after this.

Smith asks about Jonathan’s captain asking him if he had been sick a day prior to this phone call. Jonathan is questioned about whether or not he took off the day before this call and he says he doesn’t remember.

9:58 a.m.: Fifth call is played between Detective Meyer and Sabrina. He tells her they found what they think is a drop of sweat. She agrees to meet with him for a formal interview in Bakersfield. 

10:05 a.m.: A call between Sabrina and Jonathan is played next where they discuss the details of the conversation between Det. Meyer and the DNA sample. 


UPDATE: (SEPT. 18 9:37 a.m.): Day 6 of trial resumes with Jonathan Hearn on the stand. Calls from 2014 are played.

9:10 a.m.: A phone call between Sabrina and Jonathan is played and he follows a transcript of the call as it plays.

9:15 a.m.: Johnathan is questioned about the phone call. They had agreed about what she would say if authorities came to her about her husband’s death. They agreed they’d keep Jonathan clear of it and his alibi would be that they were trying to hide their affair, not a murder.

This agreement pre-dated Robert’s murder, circa summer 2014. They prayed that Sabrina have clarity and stays calm when she is questioned so that Jonathan is not discovered. “We need you so badly, God help us.” 

Second phone call is between detective and Sabrina.

9:28 a.m.: Third phone call is played. Call is between Sabrina and Jonathan. He says they shared “mutual excitement” that authorities seemed to not be suspicious of them based on her statement to them.