Tackling Spring allergies with home remedies

Posted at 7:44 AM, Feb 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-18 10:44:40-05

This El Nino Season has given us higher-than-average precipitation so far this winter, and there's still more to come! So with that comes the arrival of an early spring, with wildflowers and rolling green hills... But that also reminds you we are going to be heading into a tough allergy season!

And if you're also like me, you want to avoid taking allergy meds that make you feel foggy. So how can you beat spring allergies? Here are my top 5 tips:

Tip #1. Find some local honey.

The theory is that the bees pollinate local flowers and create honey with the allergens as one of their big ingredients. So mixing some local honey into your diet can help you build up antibodies to our local blossoms!

Tip #2. Scrub your house.

And I mean scrub! Sweep and dust often. Replace your air filters and keep your windows closed. Wash all your pillows and comforters, not just the covers. Comb your dogs and cats outside to help keep ahead of the pet hair and dander.

Tip #3. Use a Neti pot and saline rinse.

I know this one might seem gross, but this is a trick many people turn to with a nasty cold, and the theory of washing out your sinuses works during allergy season too! Just make sure to buy bottled saline solution, never use tap water as it may contain bacteria that you don't want to send up your nose. You can also get saline spray over the counter, but check dosage amounts with your doctor first.

Tip #4. Change your clothes when you come home.

If you've been out for hours on a breezy day, you're liking carrying countless pollen hitchhikers on your clothes. Sometimes it's as simple as changing your clothes and washing your hair as soon as you walk in the door to help keep those hitchhikers from spreading and making themselves at home.

Tip #5. Save outdoor exercise for the evening.

You likely notice that your allergies are worst in the morning and afternoon, and that's because most allergy experts agree many trees release their pollen at dawn and afternoon breezes tend to carry allergens in the air for hours.

What are your best home remedies? I want to hear from you! Find me on social media: