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Family members unite to search for missing woman

Family finds Lake Isabella tie to family member
Posted at 7:17 PM, Feb 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-22 09:19:40-05

The search continued Wednesday night for Shayla Wingle,39, who was apparently last seen by her husband Brandon Wingle before their truck broke down Friday night.

 23ABC spoke with Brandon’s family today along Kern Canyon Road near Lake Isabella where search efforts were underway until dark.
According to Brandon Wingle’s mother, Lisa Wingle, Brandon said him and his wife Shayla had an argument before they had car trouble and Shayla took off walking but never returned to their car.

“It was very cold and I don’t see her getting out of the car,” Lisa Wingle said.

 Lisa  also told 23ABC that getting a clear story from her son Brandon, has been challenging and that she believes others factors may have also played into Shayla’s disappearance.
“I think up here there’s a reputation for partying with different substance and we do think that was involved. We don’t know for sure I was not there, but that is suspicious and the way he has been since continues to make me believe that,” Lisa said.
Brandon and Shayla originally planned to be in Kernville for the Whiskey Flats weekend before they started to head to the springs off Kern Canyon Road at midnight Friday, according to Lisa. Later she received devastating news about Shayla’s disappearance after talking with her son.
 “I first learned Saturday afternoon that he had been up here with his wife and something had happened. He was distraught because she was missing. He said they had a fight which was not un-typical at certain times and she had taken off which was also not un-typical,” Lisa added.
Since then family members and Lisa have been trying to piece together that Friday night. They said they were also unaware of where Brandon was at this time, but they were in contact with him via phone Saturday.
Lisa said Kern County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) questioned Brandon and took his phone. At this time officials have not arrested anyone and are treating this situation as a missing person investigation.

For the last three days, search and rescue volunteers with the Kern County Sheriff’s Office have been searching endlessly for Shayla. “Today we had the helicopter out that did an aerial search through the valley in this area, and we are currently deploying ground troops down through the hillside to begin a search down through that area as well,” KCSO Sergeant Royce Haislip said.

Lisa said she also learned more about her daughter in-law’s tie to Lake Isabella Wednesday.
“She knows people up here apparently I didn't know that either. She has friends in Lake Isabella that she was apparently going to see but they haven’t heard from her either.”
Lisa and her family members are just hoping to hear from Shayla soon. “Obviously our hope is that we are going to find her wrapped up safe somewhere, that’s what we hope.” Lisa also said she and her family members are now working on passing out flyers.

23ABC also talked to Shayla’s family yesterday.