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Family of Noble Manor Haunt looking to scare you this Halloween

Posted at 5:54 AM, Oct 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-31 09:15:17-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — A firey hello and misty swamp await you at Noble Manor, this spooky haunt is looking to bring all the fun of a big-time production straight to you for no cost this Halloween.

“At our old place we did a nice little front yard scene, and we bought this place across from the cemetery and it just seemed fitting to expand.”

Three years ago, Curtis Noble and his family began to put together their Noble Manor Haunt. A family endeavor that’s grown year by year, to the thrilling house of horrors you see today.

“We have eight rooms and a swamp, so we just constantly figure out how to add new rooms, new ways to scare people.”

Noble said he and his wife started the manor as a way to bring their favorite Halloween haunts to the people of Bakersfield for free. expanding the manor only made sense after the couple moved into a home directly across from Greenlawn Cemetery.

The experience is no average at-home-haunt. Along with several themed rooms, Noble Manor includes animatronics and actors in each section — all laying in wait just for you.

“It just depends on how scared people get. It is a family experience, our kids join in. They like to stay here and scare people versus going trick or treating. Our actors try to be aware of if it’s little kids coming through, not to traumatize them. If it’s older people, they put what they can into scaring them.”

Do-it-yourself haunts are becoming more and more popular, especially with many looking to enjoy a spooky fright without the horrifying costs of larger productions.

As long as more people keep coming each year, noble and his family will continue to do their best to find new and fun ways to add a little thrill to your Halloween.

“We just like sharing it with other people. We’re lucky enough to go to many haunts and experience them, not many people can. So if we can bring some of that to them, it’s exciting for us to see them enjoy it.”

If you're interested in checking out Noble Manor Haunt, you can find them at 811 Acacia Avenue. And for other haunts around town, see the lit below:

  • The Binning Manor Spook Alley located at 6904 Olive Dr.
  • The Redrum Haunted House located at 3824 Wood Ln.
  • The Tehachapi Terror Haunted House located at 20681 W Valley Blvd.