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Family of woman shot over the weekend calls for justice and answers

Family of woman shot over the weekend hold memorial
Posted at 8:57 AM, Mar 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-04 12:14:45-05

BAKERSFEILD, Calif. (KERO) — Days after a mother of four was shot and killed, relatives called on the community for justice and answers.

Sha Nerva Riley was shot at Wayside Park on Ming Avenue Saturday night. She died at the scene. Just a few days later, Riley's family, along with members of the Wendale Davis Foundation and the Kern County District Attorney's Office gathered at that same spot to honor her memory.

"She's the one that used to do all our birthday parties and stuff, who's going to do that?" Riley's brother said.

Barely keeping their composure, several relatives spoke about losing their loved one, but through the tears was a call to action: speak up.

"We just want justice please," Riley's brother said. "Somebody needs to say something."

Wesley Davis lll, Vice President of the Wendale Davis Foundation, spoke out at the memorial as well, encouraging the community to help bring closure to this case.

"This right here is what truly hurts," Davis said, speaking about Riley's four children. "[You all] are not going to understand the struggle these little babies go through."

Davis there spoke directly to Riley's brother, telling him he understands his pain.

It's been around 15 years since his brother, Wendale Davis, was shot and killed at the age of 16. To this day, his killer has still not been found.

Wesley and his father, Wesley Davis Jr., have worked for years now to try and improve community relationships and healing, while also working for answers and justice.

Since his brother's passing, Davis has dedicated his life as an interventionist to teens.

Kern County District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer spoke out during the memorial, saying what took place Saturday night was unacceptable.

"We want you to know that we stand by you and we stand with you. And we will be there for you," Zimmer said.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call Detective Randy Petrisat at 326-3654, the BPD at 327-7111 or Kern Secret Witness at 322-4040.