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Four Junior Condors Teams Advance to State Hockey Finals

Junior Condors looking to bring state titles back to Bakersfield
JR Condors File
Posted at 9:44 AM, Mar 25, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-25 12:56:18-04

TheJunior Condors will be sending four teams to Vacaville and Santa Clarita to compete in the California Amateur Hockey Association Finals today, in an attempt to bring a state championship back to Bakersfield.

“I'm most excited about winning a trophy and having a banner on the wall,” said Junior Condor Hockey player Michael Quintero.

Michael Quintero, a hockey player for the Junior Condors will get his chance to bring home that trophy and banner when he and his teammates compete today in the California Amateur Hockey Association Finals.

Along with Quintero and his teammates will be three other Junior Condors teams attempting to bring home state titles. The teams are the 10 and under, two 12 and under teams and a 14 and under team.

“We are pretty excited to play against these teams that have beat other teams so it's pretty fun and exciting,” said Quintero.

The competition that Quintero was referring to will be two teams out of the South and North divisions.

And the kids are not the only ones excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

“We’ve all been thinking and talking about it here since about Christmas once we realized that it’s, that goal is achievable so we are really ramping up and the kids are fired up the parents are all excited for it and the coaching staff we are all real excited looking forward to it, to bring home a championship,” said Junior Condors Head Coach Scott Hay.

Head Coach for the Junior Condors Scott Hay says he knew around December that the teams competing today were having a special season when he noticed the chemistry from his players.

“At a certain point you know you see the kids are developing and gelling and you get to see the competition and you realize hey maybe this is one of those years that we could maybe make a run,” said Coach Hay.

A run for four titles would be a huge accomplishment for Coach Hay and all the kids attempting to win it all.

“All four is the goal. Yeah that would be amazing, yeah we will be happy either way, but we are definitely hoping for four championships,” said Coach Hay.

Coach Hay knows opportunities like this do not come often, and Quintero acknowledged that too.

“It's not an everyday thing, so you just have to work hard, and to get there, and I'm pretty excited to get there ,” said Quintero.

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