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GET Bus employees say company gave them vacation time, later revoked it

Posted at 11:43 PM, Jan 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-17 02:43:52-05

GET bus employees voiced concerns at a board of directors meeting Tuesday night after they said the company gave some of them vacation time and later revoked it.

“The company agreed to pay it, they put the vacation hours on these people’s paychecks, and in their vacation banks and two months later they decide that their not going to pay it, that they decided they’re going to pull that back," said Greg Landers, the secretary treasurer of the Teamsters Local #517. 

Statements prepared by employees impacted were read during the board meeting specifying that some workers were given more than 100 hours of vacation time before they had them taken away. 

“For them to say well we owed it to you but well we changed our mind, totally wrong," said Landers. 

23ABC spoke with GET officials who would not comment on the issue.

“It’s a private confidential matter between the union and Golden Empire Transit," said Deekay Fox, the marketing manager with GET Bus. 

And when asked if there was any way for 23ABC to know whether there is a possible solution to the issue, GET officials responded that there was not one at that time. 

The GET Board of Directors was set to continue discussing the issue during the closed session portion of the meeting. 

GET officials said that once they made a decision they would be relaying that information back to the union.