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Good Friday celebrations take place across Kern County

Posted at 4:05 PM, Mar 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-30 20:40:01-04

Good Friday celebrations took place across Kern County today as part of the Easter tradition for many in the community.

Good Friday happens the Friday before Easter Sunday and many Christians believe it marks the day that Jesus Christ was crucified. To honor him, many community members funneled into churches across Kern County.

Today, lead Pastor Robin Robinson, along with her followers from Canyon Hills Assembly of God Church and many other Christians spent time remembering what they believe Jesus sacrificed for all of them. 

"Good Friday is really just that moment when we take a pause in time, today in our Good Friday service we will all experience communion together. Today is when we realize that the cornerstone of my faith comes from Jesus dying on the cross," said Pastor Robin Robinson from Our Lady Perpetual Help Church.

People from all different walks of life joined together for the same purpose and many churchgoers along with Robinson chose to be bold in their faith, and get an early start to Good Friday.

"We start at Hillcrest Cemetery and we have a cross with a wheel on the back of it and we just let the kids really experience what Easter is really about, they each take a turn carrying the cross," Robinson said.

Many joined together today at church to better understand the pain Jesus endured on the cross and to draw closer to him through worship, “because he suffered and died in my place that I'll live my life proclaiming forever whatever may come where you have my allegiance," another pastor said in front of churchgoers.

Many believe Good Friday is a way to know Christ personally, commit to follow him until the end of their own lives and to experience the 14 stations, the steps Jesus took while carrying the cross on his way to his death, marking the last steps he took on earth as a man. Services like this took place all around Kern County.

While Robinson and other Christians awaited the day Christians believe Jesus was resurrected from the dead, "we're looking forward to Sunday we know Sunday is on the way because it is the core of everything we believe," she said. 

Many churches will be holding Easter egg hunts on Sunday but other community members of the Jewish faith will hold pass over prayer services tomorrow.