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How Garibay killed his wife in his own words

He described it in a video with investigators
Posted at 6:50 PM, Dec 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-01 21:50:29-05

How Gonzalo Garibay killed his wife, Rosa Garibay, in his own words.

That’s what the Bakersfield man on trial for killing his wife said in a video to investigators shown in court Friday. As 23 ABC has reported, 46-year-old Gonzalo Garibay is facing murder charges for killing his wife Rosa Garibay in 2016.

The confession came in a video that was part of more than 18 straight hours Gonzalo Garibay talking to and being recorded by Bakersfield police investigators. And when he finally admitted to killing her he said he told them he had no idea what to do.

Gonzalo Garibay in the video said, “She never… come back to us. And I really got scared and panicked.”

Friday in court the prosecution showed the video of Garibay telling investigators how he killed his wife. 

In the video Garibay described, “She was kicking me like and I grabbed her and I choked her.  She began kicking and her arms in the air. (Inaudible). And I put too much pressure on her.”
In the vide he said, the fight started as an argument in the garage and moved into the bathroom where it turned violent.

“And then she started to go like this. And then she hit me. And then I struck her, hit her, once. And then I hit her again. We’re still fighting, she struck me, I hit her again, and then she fell into the tub,” said Garibay in the video.

Friday the prosecution played audio and video recording of Gonzalo taking investigators to he hid his wife Rosa. And he explained their fight. During those recording Rosa’s sisters, who were in court, could barely contain themselves. Rosa’s young sister audibly wept, hid her faced into her hands and even had to leave the courtroom briefly.
On the other side of the courtroom Gonzalo’s brother and sister-in-law followed along. They tell me they like where this case is going, don’t think he should be convicted of murder and wish his brother’s marriage didn’t get to this point.

At no point in the video or recording did Garibay have a lawyer with him despite asking for one around the 16th hour. We 23 ABC talked with the defense lawyer and he told us the investigators did not violate any of Garibay’s rights by Garibay talking to them without a lawyer present.

Court is scheduled to continue after the weekend on Monday morning. And that’s when the prosecution plans to call their final witnesses.



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