Maya Cinemas to debut custom MPX theater

Posted at 12:23 AM, Mar 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-24 03:23:22-04

Just in time for tomorrow's release of Batman versus Superman, Maya Bakersfield 16 revealed a custom new theater that will make going to the movies a special experience.

See it, hear it, live it, experience the difference was the message today at Maya Cinemas as they revealed their new MPX theater. 

But it's the last part that has people like Marriah Gallego, Joe Brown, Natahlia Sierra and Izrail Gutierrez raving about the experience you're in for.

“Sound was better,” said Gallego.

“It's noticeable. It's noticeable,” said Brown.

“You hear the sound more clear,” said Sierra.

“Man, you can't even explain. It's just a different experience,” said Guttierez.

And that's exactly what Maya Cinemas was going for today when they welcomed a small audience to test their new MPX theater.

“I've seen 3-D or IMAX, but this is nice because you don't have to put on the glasses. The screen is so bright, the image is so clear. The sound was immersive, it was great,” said Brown.

While the video quality took a huge step forward with the Christie inspired double projector, many said the part they liked best was the specially designed surround sound.

“I mean you can fake it with just a few speakers but this really does envelop you and give you quite a sensation,” said Blanton.

” You feel like you're in the actual movie. When you hear it you're like 'woah what was that' on the other side and it's just surrounding you,” said Gutierrez.

And as the VP of Maya Cinemas Larry Porricelli said the theater was designed to give every viewer a chance to feel like they are part of the movie.

“Every speaker is heading a certain way, going a certain way so that whatever piece you’re getting of sound, it's coming right at you. It's great, it's amazing. It just changes the way you see a movie,” said Porricelli.

All thanks to industry leading technology and some of the best companies in the mix, Porricelli said film makers were scurrying to get their movie in this theater including tomorrow's midnight premiere of Batman versus Superman.

“And Warner Brothers, they pressured us. They knew we were opening this and said we want this on that screen,” said Porricelli.

23 ABC was also told earlier that the first screening of the MPX version of Batman versus Superman has not yet sold out, but Maya is hoping that come tomorrow at 7 p.m., the new theater will be filled to capacity with fans of both sides.