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Kern County Public Health monitoring 11 people who have traveled abroad over coronavirus concerns

Posted at 8:35 AM, Feb 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-27 20:26:23-05

The Kern County Public Health Department has confirmed with 23ABC that it is monitoring nearly a dozen individuals who have traveled abroad over concerns of coronavirus.

Kern Public Health officials said 11 national airports accorss the nation are currently screening travelers for the coronovirus who have traveled in and around china. Medows field airport is not one of the 11.

"We confirmed that indeed they have not developed any symptoms, we talked to them about where they have traveled, but these are very low risk individuals again they are not showing signs but they have traveled in an area that may potentially have had coronavirus, " Kern Public Health Public Information Officer, Michelle Corson said.

If a traveler is showing no symptoms and is considered low risk they are sent home, but their name is still shared to the state department of public health because of their travel.

"California Department of Public Health then notifies the local health jurisdiction of these individuals, we make contact with these travelers immediately and we do a local assessment."

In a press conference Thursday, state officials said 33 people have tested positive for coronavirus, five of which have since moved out of the state and more that 8,400 others are being monitored closely by their local health department.

The most recent Calfornia case popped up Wednesday. The virus infected a Solano County woman who is now receiving treatment. The Solano case is just four and half hours away from Bakersfield.

However,closer to home Tulare County Public Health officials confirmed nine people also voluntarily quarantined themselves on Wednesday after traveling through China within the last 14 days.

Officials said the nine people are not showing symptoms and the risk to Tulare County residents remains low.

Many stores in Kern County told 23ABC News they are sold out of masks. The Center for Disease Control said only those who are infected, caring for the infected, or showing symptoms should where a mask otherwise they are not recommended.

Public health is also still standing by their original statement, "Kern County is at very low risk for coronavirs coming in and impacting our residents," Corson said.

Officials said the California only has 200 testing kits for coronovirus and all samples must be shipped out for processing.

Of the 11 people who they are monitoring officials said none of them have required testing from one of the CDC kits that are available

Public health is now hoping for the best but still planning for the worst.

"And if for some reason the cornovirus were to impact our community we are definitely ready we have been meeting with hospitals and local health care providers."