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Kevin McCarthy critical of Biden's handling of Afghanistan

Posted at 9:23 AM, Aug 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-25 12:23:10-04

(KERO) — Kern County congressman Kevin McCarthy took part in a classified briefing on Afghanistan and came out of it Tuesday saying the Biden administration does not have an accurate account of the Americans on the ground or the number of allies in the region.

The House Minority Leader then appeared at his weekly press briefing with several congressmen who served in the military.

McCarthy says there is no possible way to get every American out of the area in the next seven days.

"At no time should the America bend or allow the Taliban to tell us when we need to stop bringing Americans out. We should stay until every American out is able to get out of Afghanistan. Use every recourse possible to make that happen. We should not negotiate it. We should explain this is what is going to happen. And anyone who will try to stop us from bringing any American out will be in danger."

McCarthy says any discussion or vote on the multi-trillion dollar infrastructure bill should be put on hold until all Americans and our allies are out of the region.