Bakersfield SPCA burglarized in broad daylight

Posted at 9:09 PM, Jul 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-14 00:09:52-04

Surveillance cameras captured a man burglarize the Bakersfield SPCA Animal Shelter.


On Wednesday around noon, a man wearing a black and blue baseball cap and dark clothing, broke into a soda vending machine and stole currency


Chuck Nordstrom, SPCA Assistant Executive Director, said the thief used a tool to break the lock.   


He was in and out of the shelter in five minutes. T


he man wasn't alone. Outside, another camera captured the getaway car - an older model silver Mercedes Benz with a missing rear window.


It is unclear how much money was taken from the vending machine. 


"Coke comes and collects the money, keeps the machine filled and they send us a check monthly for a percentage of the proceeds," said Nordstrom.


The SPCA uses that money to help care for the nearly 300 animals that are at the shelter waiting to be adopted. 


Anyone with information is urged to contact the Kern County Sheriff's Office.