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Local woman who helps homeless now facing homelessness herself

Posted at 7:42 PM, Jul 09, 2018

A Bakersfield woman who has dedicated much of her life to helping the homeless is now facing homelessness herself.

Belinda Lopez Rickett,founder of the Bakersfield Burrito Project, spent Monday moving her family's belongings into a Bakersfield storage unit after receiving a "termination of tenancy" notice from her landlord. The original notice said the move was "in no way a reflection of [Rickett's] tenancy, but a family need that has arose in our family." The notice was signed by her landlord.

The final day of the sixty-day notice coincided with the nine-year anniversary of the Bakersfield Burrito Project. The organization feeds burritos to Bakersfield's homeless every Sunday, in partnership with multiple local churches. They also provide hygiene kits and clothes at their events.

Rickett has faced this issue before. She was homeless before founding the Burrito Project and was able to get on her feet. She'll now attempt to beat homelessness again.

Despite Rickett's uncertain future, she says the Burrito Project will continue like normal. The group uses volunteers, some of whom are former homeless.

A Facebook fundraiser has been set up by Rickett's husband and can be found here. Rickett says her children have a place to stay, but as of early Monday evening, she and her husband do not.