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CDC says B-Strain of flu is making its rounds

Posted at 6:43 PM, Mar 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-30 09:20:18-04

It's been a devastating flu season one that left more than 100 people across the state dead, including a woman from right here in Kern County. Health officials said the season is now winding down, but a new strain is hitting our area. 

Katy Maldonado is a mom who lives in Bakersfield. She said, "By summertime this shouldn't be happening. I'm hoping it ends already."

Unfortunately for Maldonado, it isn't over. Her daughter is sick again.

"This is the third time since December that she's gotten there it is. A cough, you know the boogies, fever, all of that flu stuff," said Maldonado.

Last week the Center for Disease Control said a B-strain of this year's flu virus is starting to make it's way around our area. 

Family practice physician, Dr. Jan Mensink said, "There's the other class of the B class of influenza that's starting to resurge that's not really covered very well with the flu shot. That is covered by your immunity in your body."

And hearing there's this other strain has some Bakersfield parents nervous for their children.

Sabrina Kline is also a mom in Bakersfield. She said, "I don't want them to catch this other strain that's going around because I hear it's much worse. I have, my niece actually was out with it." 

Dr. Mensink said the best way to avoid this new strain of the flu is to wash your hands, eat a good diet and have good levels of Vitamin D.

"Ideally, the study shows if you have a D-3 level between 80 and 100 it's more effective than the flu shot," said Dr. Mensink.

And moms like Maldonado said, they hope this flu season ends soon so they don't have to use anymore sick days.

"If she can't stay at the day care because I don't want her around kids, I don't want her to get other kids sick, then I have to stay home. And it's really a bummer," said Maldonado.

Dr. Mensink said if you're feeling sick see your doctor early. Otherwise doctors can only treat symptoms instead of trying to prevent the flu.