New study says headlights need improvement

Posted at 5:35 PM, Mar 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-30 21:10:43-04

A new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety determined most headlights need improvement.

The study looked at a range of cars from a basic Honda accord to a Mercedes Benz and of the 31 cars tested, only one car was ranked as “good.” IIHS said ten of the tested vehicles including the Kia Optima and Mercendes Benz C-Class can't be purchased with anything other than poor rated headlights. 

"I like the way the headlights are on the car," said Tom Crosby who drives a Toyota Camry which was ranked in the marginal category. 

Crosby said his headlights have been good for him and the low beams work well, but he doesn't like the blue headlights he sees in oncoming traffic. 

"The blue lights, some of them are so bright they should be unlawful," said Crosby. 

However, Tenille Guillet who drives an Audi A4 said she is happy with her LED lights that look somewhat blue even though the car was ranked as marginal in the study. 

"I absolutely love the headlights, they're incredible you can see great at night," said Guillet. 

Officials tested cars on a track after dark and looked at how far the headlights illuminated ahead on straight roads and turns. 

Although some cars headlights turn when the car turns, IIHS said that doesn't guarantee a better rating.

The best ranked car was the Toyota Pruis V which had LED lights and high beam assistance. The worst was the BMW three series with halogen lights. 

The California Highway Patrol said proper headlights can help keep you safe.