Officials file search warrant on truck possibly involved in Weedpatch Highway fatal hit and run

Posted at 3:57 PM, May 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-10 18:58:44-04

California Highway Patrol has issued a search warrant for a vehicle they believe was involved in a fatal hit and run on Weedpatch Highway near Muller Road in April.

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According to reports, a pedestrian was hit and killed by a vehicle on Weedpatch Highway near Muller Road. The pedestrian, Humberto Otero, was struck by a white bobtail truck, witnesses said.

The truck carried the bicycle for a fourth to a half a mile down the road.

While Otero was in the roadway, he was hit by a second vehicle described as possibly a dark colored Suburban.

Both vehicles left the scene northbound.

Based on surveillance footage from nearby Azteca Market, a bobtail truck was seen dragging an object creating sparks at it traveled northbound shortly after the accident.

Several bobtail trucks were found parked in the yard of Mike Lowrie Trucking, just south of Highway 58 after a search of the area.

According to the search warrant, an officer noticed one of the trucks had a black scuff on the front bumper and splatter that appeared to be blood and flesh under the left front tire.


The officer has filed a search warrant to do a forensics exam on the truck with the markings.