Old-style wagons available for rent at Frandy Park Campgrounds, just in time for Whiskey Flat Days

Wagons for rent in time for Whiskey Flat Days


A new way of camping has made its way to California horse and buggy style, just in time for Whiskey Flat Days in Kernville. 


These wagons are the perfect way to feel like you are part of the old west, while making sure you have the accommodations of the 21st century on the inside.


“Instead of cabins we are going with wagons. They sleep six, they are moveable, they have heating and air conditioning and in the back you’ll see they even have a window,” said Beverly Demetriff the manager and owner of Frandy Park Campground.


These wagons are the first of their kind in California.


 “It fits in with our history here in the town of Kernville,” said Demetriff. And while they may seem historic, they are a glamorous way to camp. They come equipped with LED lighting, bedding, heating and cooling. And they are hand-made here in the US.


“We build them in Garden City Utah from scratch,” said Jason Olson, director of sales for Conestoga Wagon Company.


There are four wagons available for rent at the Frandy Campground. They are $125 a night plus the cost of the campsite.


“Whiskey Flats Days is our big western history month here in Kernville,” said Demetriff.


Two of the wagons have already been rented for Whiskey Flat Days and the other two will be on display in the parade on Saturday the 17th. But all four wagons will be available for rent after Whiskey Flat Days is over.

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