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Prosecution set to present rebuttal evidence Thursday

Posted at 5:23 PM, Jan 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-15 20:39:38-05

BAKERSFIELD, Calif.  — On Wednesday the prosecution played an audio recording of sheriff's detectives notifying Leslie, her daughters and Todd's parents being notified that Todd was shot. Throughout the 2013 recording crying and questions where heard from multiple family members.
Leslie walks detectives through her morning, recalling that Todd left for the gun show.

Detectives asked Leslie what Todd was wearing, and if they had any issues in their marriage. Leslie said no they were fine. Then they ask Leslie about the firearms her husband owned. One was missing, a .38 caliber pistol, the type of gun prosecutors say was used to kill Todd.

After the recording prosecutors asked Leslie if she ever asked officials if Todd suffered. Leslie testified she believed she did ask officials, but it may have been prior to the detectives recording. Leslie said the recording was taken about an hour after detectives had already been in her home. The prosecution arguing that Leslie's questions focused on Todd's car and cellphone, not on whether he suffered.

At one point the defense asked Leslie what her mindset was when she found out her husband was dead. Leslie said she thought detectives were wrong, that they had the wrong person and she wanted to see him.

After Leslie was excused from the witness stand, the defense called, detective Kavin Brewer, the lead detective on the case. Today the defense questioned the detective about his record of reports when interviewing potential witnesses.

When the defense began questioning detective Brewer, they asked him to locate a report with a home address located on Tigerflower Drive, this was the home across the street from where Todd's Mustang was found. Detective Brewer testified that he could not find a report.

The defense showed detective Brewer and the jury a photo of a deputy standing outside of the home on Tigerflower Dr. In the photo the deputy can be seen talking to multiple people and appearing to take notes.

The defense noted there is no record of sheriff's detectives interviewing the people who lived at the home on Tigerflower Drive. Detective Brewer testified that not every interview is documented if nothing important was mentioned, or if the person didn't see anything.

Today the defense rested and tomorrow the prosecution will present rebuttal evidence. The judge said the evidentiary portion of the trial will finish Thursday.