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Ridgecrest PD, Sage Shooting Range given grant by the NRA Foundation for use-of-force training

Posted at 10:55 AM, Oct 23, 2018

The Ridgecrest Police Department and the Sage Shooting Range received a grant from the Friends of the NRA (FNRA) and the NRA Foundation for use-of-force training. 

The police department and shooting range received a $15,132.50 grant to purchase equipment for "Force Options Training Enhancement." The equipment will include four Elite Target Systems TAC II Two-Stage Turning Target Systems, a shipping container for storage of the systems, a solar power system to charge the systems, lighting for nighttime use, as well as grading and concrete for further development of Sage Shooting Range. 

According to the FNRA and the NRA Foundation, the new target systems will help Ridgecrest PD officers with split-second use-of-force training.