Sabrina Limon trial now in Day 9

After a day off, the Sabrina Limon trial enters Day 9. 




UPDATE (SEPT. 22 2:27 p.m.) Hearn is questioned about how he acquired the recipe of the pudding he made to poison Robert and the nature of the dosage.

“How much did you use in order to poison Rob Limon?”- Cross-examiner asks. Hearn answers that he doesn’t recall the amount “at this time.”

His web searches were extensive and he is questioned about that. The cross-examiner asks him again how could he not remember how much poison he was going to use to kill the man he was trying to poison. Hearn repeats that he does not recall.

Hearn poisoned a piece of salmon that he was going to feed to a neighbor’s dog as a test. Hearn is asked if he saw the dog die and he said no. He is asked if he saw the dog eat it and he said yes.

In his testimony Hearn said that Limon got nervous about the poisoned pudding and she called Robert to tell him not to eat it. According to the cross-examiner, these calls to Robert were never made. • Middle of August 2014 is when Hearn decided to kill Robert. “Did you decide to ride your motorcycle on Aug. 17th to” kill Robert? He’s asked. Hearn answers yes.

He was advised about how silencers work by some people he knew, Hearn said. He did not recall when he completed putting together the silencer. He said he only remembered when he was done with it. He said he was working on it for “probably about two weeks.”—“probably late July, early August, sir” he said.


UPDATE: (SEPT. 22 1:45 p.m.) 1:36 p.m.: Cross-examination of Jonathan Hearn continues. He is asked if he thought Limon was a good mother. He said in his testimony that Limon put the poisoned pudding he gave her in her fridge, potentially putting her kids in danger. Hearn answered that he was not over-seeing her refrigerator.

Hearn admits he intended to kill Robert with poison.


UPDATE (SEPT. 22 12:00 p.m.) 11:42 p.m: Hearn’s web searches, including when he made a search about poison, come into question. The fact that he only purchased 1 burner phone came into question as well. He is asked why he didn’t buy his own burner phone and why he only bought one for Limon and continued to use his own phones.

He is also questioned about Robert and Jason suspecting him as a suspect in connection to the poison incident.

11:59a.m.: court goes to recess until 1:30 p.m.


UPDATE (SEPT. 22 11:41 a.m.) 10:19 a.m.: Hearn reviews another note. It was written at a conference related to his work.

10:53 a.m.: Court back from 15-minute recess. Cross-examination for Hearn continues. • He is asked about his education. He was 12 when he first took classes that would some-how count toward his college education. They were related to the construction industry. He became an EMT in his early 20s.

Hearn is questioned about notes he took in regards to how he should behave and answer questions when he is testifying when he was getting training to be an arson investigator.

Hearn is questioned about how the relationship with Limon began to develop. One of the common grounds was their faith. Hearn eventually learned about the nature of her marriage and that they were close to a swinger couple.

Hearn is questioned about how he once began to feel guilty about his affair. He contacted Bernatene to ask him for Robert’s number. Hearn admits he spoke to Robert about his relationship with Limon. Robert told Hearn to stay away from Limon. Robert told him to stay away from Limon but Hearn didn’t end the relationship.

Hearn went into Costco once to go shopping and says he was not there to stalk her. He heard their voices and left his shopping cart where it was and left the store.


UPDATE (SEPT. 22 10:32 a.m.)10:15 a.m.: “Do you recognize that note?” Hearn is asked and he replies yes. It was from 2013 about Limon. The note says that Robert called Hearn and Hearn told him that he didn’t know Limon was married. He admits he lied to Robert and wrote this note after.

Court goes to 15 minute recess.


UPDATE (SEPT. 22 10:05 a.m.) 9:32 a.m.: Hearn is cross-examined. He is asked about multiple details from his initial testimony and plea deal.

9:43 a.m.: He is asked about his religious upbringing. He answered that he was a conservative Christian in his preliminary hearing. He goes back and forth with the cross-examiner about how religious he “considers” himself, saying that he doesn’t consider himself a conservative Christian although he gave that answer initially.

9:46 a.m.: He admits that growing up he made his parents believe he was more devoted to his faith than he really was. The cross-examiner asked him if his praying with Limon and his references to God when he was involved with Limon were all part “of that act.” Hearn says that Limon may have been aware of his devotion to religion based on the fact he was having an affair and involved with other things.

He is asked if he was misleading Limon with his “true feelings about faith” multiple times in different words due to objections.

9:55 a.m.: Some notes are brought to him and he is asked if he recognizes them. He says he does after a few seconds. He is asked if he often writes notes to himself about things that he has done or been involved with. Hearn answers “perhaps.”

At the end of that note written in 2013 he wrote “God please control my wandering heart, please grant me strength to stay away, tell the truth and be wise… I messed up, I sinned… save me and please save them.”


UPDATE (SEPT. 22 3:20PM) 

3:24p.m. : court is back in session


Did you take the time to observe him in the warehouse before entering? – “No sir I didn’t,” said Hearn.


You reached into the backpack to get the handgun


You were able to shoot the handgun through the backpack? Yes said, Hearn.


I was holding it in my right hand down low, the fire firearm portion was down in the backpack and the silencer was stuck and facing up towards the zipper, said Hearn.


When you first shot Rob the gun was facing up and you didn’t see where the bullet went right? Yes sir, said Hearn.


Showing you a photo of  Robs car. Is that Rob Lemons vehicle? Yes, sir said Hearn.


You started ransacking the inside of the office correct? As planned, said Hearn.


The only thing of value that you took was a lab top correct? Yes, sir said Hearn.


Now after you’ve gone through the office taking such things like the lab top and a manual regarding barbeques and refrigerators and stuffing it into your backpack you went back out to the warehouse correct?


You shot him a second time before going into the office? No sir, said Hearn.


You heard a sound so that initially made you shot him a second time? Initially, sir said Hearn.


Is there something that led you to believe that you didn’t kill Rob Lemon that with the first shot he was not dead? It wasn’t in my mind until I was entering the office that it triggered a little suspicion in my mind.


When you shot him the second time where were you standing? I was standing. Said Hearn.  Where was Rob, was he laying on the floor laying next to the truck? Yes sir, said Hearn.


When you shot him the second time where did you shoot him? I shot him in an upward direction towards his head, said Hearn.


After you shot Rob Lemon what did you do? I closed the garage door and ran the first several 100 feet and the resumed walking back to my motorcycle.


Did you go to work the next day? I don’t recall my schedule at that time I do believe I went to work the next day.


You said Sabrina that Rob wasn’t good at his co parenting skills right? Yes sir, said Hearn. You believed Robby Jr. and his dad never worked on the boat together right? Yes I believe that was one example I gave, said Hearn.


You also said he wasn’t really involved in the kids lives right? Yes that was one of her complaints about him yes said, Hearn.


Did she ever tell you she didn’t want to be with him? Yes sir, said Hearn.


When did you first start going over to see Sabrina? Within a week or two, said Hearn.


Judge asks for a minute with the attorney.


Judge announces they will finished for the day.


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