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Seven-year-old caped crusader takes on graffiti in Oildale

Posted at 4:11 AM, Nov 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-16 09:49:04-05

OILDALE, Calif. (KERO) — A caped crusader for the community of Oildale. By day he’s Patrick Martinez, a seven-year-old student at Roosevelt Elementary, but when he puts on this cape and mask he transforms into Super Pat.

Super Pat is the secret weapon for the Oildale Community Action Team, a neighborhood organization created by Pat’s grandparents Mike and Donna Clopton.

“It feels good to have him come with me and participate," said Pat's grandpa, Mike . "He likes it.”

Pat’s superpower: taking on and ridding the community of graffiti. His grandpa will keep an eye out around town for areas that have been hit, then when Pat visits, they spend their weekend restoring those areas.

When they find graffiti, Pat stands in front of it, a look of frustration of his face. After they've painted over it though, Super Pat delivers his hero pose.

"When we're done doing the graffiti, I do a thumbs up," he said.

Super Pat has been painting over graffiti for over a year now and has painted over dozens of tagged buildings and other parts of town. His grandparents say he does it all selflessly.

“I think he really loves it, he really does," Mike said. "We get to hangout just me and him and we get to help the community.”

So enemies beware because Super Pat says he doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

“So I can help and be respectful for the city, because everyone would get mad if no one helps,” Pat said.