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Marley's Mutts turns to CBD oil for treatment

Posted at 6:11 PM, Sep 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-11 21:11:03-04

Marley's Mutts Rescue is a non-profit organization that rescues, and helps rehabilitate dogs from Kern County's high kill animal shelters, and Monday officials and vet techs of the non-profit shared their experience using CBD oil to treat a variety of symptoms. 

Officials also shared with The Now Bakersfield what the results have been so far in hopes that people can better understand its benefits.
“This is Naggie, he came to us from Saudi Arabia," Marley’s Mutts Rescue Founder Zach Skow said.
Naggie was roaming the streets with the back end of his body paralyzed, before being found by locals who couldn't afford to help him without extra assistance. Eventually the locals reached out to the Kern County non-profit Marley's Mutts Rescue. "So the problems that he had when he first came to us were obviously getting weight on him and how to best treat his paralysis. Never in a million years did we think that he would start to support himself on his own weight," Skow said.
With the odds stacked against Naggi Skow said they turned to CBD oil, even though Skow said he was skeptical in the beginning he saw significant changes that he believes CBD oil laid the foundation for. "A couple of weeks ago he started to work to support himself on his own legs which is remarkable. He started to have functionality in his back end again which is completely unheard of," Skow said.
Skow has over 100 dogs in his rescue program and he said 100 percent of the dogs on the ranch are currently being treated with King Kanine CBD oil for pets. "Has had an anti-inflammatory affect, obviously helped with his arthritis and clearly improved functionality and feeling with his paralysis, so we've seen a variety of different benefits including demeanor," Skow said.
Skow said Naggie no longer has separation anxiety, is no longer intimidated by other dogs or people and Naggie is not the only success story he has seen. Before CBD oil Skow said his rescue dog Gary couldn't stop barking and seemed stressed out and uncomfortable. "Now he's very calm, he's very easy to get along with other dogs and doesn't alert bark all day which is terrific," Skow said.

Even though Skow said he's not a veterinarian, in his 15 years of experience working with dogs King Kanine CBD oil has only shown helpful side effects in his dogs. King Kanine CBD oil distributor Jeff Riman said not only is his product sufficiently lab tested but he has to remind customers that CBD oil compounds are not the same as marijuana THC compounds, "In marijuana is THC and CBD. What we sell is a CBD product no THC so it's an extracted oil from the hemp plant," King Kanine CBD oil distributor Jeff Rimen said.

Rimen said many people just need to shop the right CBD oils that are lab tested and have QR codes on the back of the product, that when scanned show you all about the tests it has gone though. However, vet tech of Marley's Mutts Angela Aden said it is still important to keep in mind that some CBD oils can still have small levels of THC which is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana that makes people feel high. "You can get CBD products with different ratios so it could be like two to one which is like two CBD one THC," Aden said.

Aden and Skow monitor the changes of all of the dogs on CBD oil by tracking their behavior and physical changes before and after they leave the rescue ranch. They also administer CBD oil to dogs that are healthy because of the calming affects of lavender oil within it and the krill oil that contains omega threes that aren't commonly found in a dogs diet.

However, Skow said he would still give dogs CBD oil with small ratios of THC in it as well because of what he has seen with his own eyes, "I have used cannabis oil with THC in it for dogs that were suffering from a variety of different conditions. When I needed appetite these were dogs that were either dying of cancer or had gastrula intestinal infections that were preventing them from eating and administering CBD oil with cannabis helped save their lives."
If you are thinking about administering CBD oil to your dog make sure it is lab tested, that your dog is getting the proper dosage daily and it also never hurts to consult your veterinarian.

If you would like to use the same oil as Skow for your dog head to the King Kanine website.