Tire shop employees help neighbors after quake

Posted at 12:08 AM, Feb 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-24 03:08:07-05

After the shock of the earthquake many turned to check up on their family and friends.

Several employees from a tire shop in Wasco sprang into action to check on two elderly ladies that had no one.

The two elderly women were alone when the earthquake hit this afternoon. They said they felt the ground moving and came outside to check on each other. Then to their surprise, someone came to check on them.

Anita Renteria and Mireyda Tovar have been next door neighbors for more than 50 years.

 “All of a sudden I started moving back and forth, back and forth, and I said, dear god! What is happening?” said Renteria.

Mireyda is 91 years old and says she ran outside when she felt the shaking. Anita says she found Mireyda crying.

 “I went outside and that’s when I met her, she was coming this way,” said Renteria.

Fortunately, the two were only alone for a few seconds. In the surveillance video from GF Tire Center the employees are seen running across the street to check on the two elderly women.

“They were scared, we were letting them know, we were actually screaming saying, are you guy okay?” said Luis Mendez, an employee at the tire shop.

“He saw us and he said, are you okay? And I said yes, yes. Si senor, we’re okay,” said Renteria.

The tire shop employees say a train regularly passes by behind their business so they initially thought the train had gone off the tracks. When they realized it was an earthquake, they remembered the two women. 

Cornelio Gonzalez is the man you can see running out of his office, he says he ran straight towards the women. Gonzalez says he’s known them for years and just wanted to make sure they were okay.

The two women say aside from the scare, today’s earthquake was a nice reminder that someone still cares about them.

“I wanted to cry. I cried because we still- we still mean something here,” said Renteria.

So far no damages have been reported from the quake.