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Woman wanted in attempted murder case used Facebook Messenger to set up men, per court documents

Posted at 5:33 PM, Mar 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-07 20:33:28-05

Probable cause documents linking a 20-year-old female to an attempted murder case were released. She is still wanted by authorities.

According to the document, Stephanie Quiroz was using Facebook to set up men so that coconspirators could attempt to rob them or assault them.

The most recent incident was on Jan. 24. A dark blue Honda Civic was reported to have sped past officers and crashed at the north west corner of Heritage Bible Church. Two Hispanic men fled the scene and the driver was detained.

One of those two suspects who fled, Miguel Gutierrez, was caught shortly after near Heritage Park with ammunition that matched the gun left in the car.

Documents state that the driver of the car told CHP officers upon arrest that "they had a gun held on me" and that he met a girl on Facebook and hung out with her before this incident unfolded.

He went to pick her up in the late hours of Jan. 23 or early hours of Jan. 24 on Cornell Street and two men got in the car with her without his permission.

He continued his story by explaining that Gutierrez pointed a gun at him and told him "to drive on East Side Bakers or I'll blow your head off."

As he was driving his car against his will, he spotted some officers and saw this as an opportunity to try to get their attention.

Court documents say he grabbed the barrel of the gun and made a U-turn toward the officers.

The female realized he was driving toward them and jumped out of the car but left her purse behind.

As Gutierrez and the driver were struggling over the gun they crashed.

The driver identified the female suspect, Quiroz, during the investigation as the girl he was messaging on Facebook.

Investigators found that this wasn't the first time Quiroz had set up men using her Facebook.

In another incident she met a guy on Facebook and arranged to meet him in person. Once he arrived, she was with two Hispanic men who attempted to rob him.

The victim was able to flee but one of the men shot him and chased after him.

The shooter was arrested and was also found to be a registered member of the Eastside Bakers.