Made in Kern County: Speed Cube Shop

Speed cube entrepreneur on track to make millions
Posted at 3:54 PM, Aug 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-23 18:54:35-04

It's a movement among middle and high school students and it's sweeping the internet.

Rubik's Cubes as you may remember them, known now as speed cubes, and the feat of who can solve them the fastest is now an international and online spectacle.

For stockade high school grad Cameron Brown, his fasciation with speed cubes.came after a visit to the movie theater.

“For me it was actually the ‘Pursuit of Happiness’, you've seen that movie with Will Smith?” Brown asked us. 

He referring to the scene from the popular movie. where Will Smith’s character solves the cube in the back of a taxi cab. 


It’s the moment Brown became fascinated with the puzzle. 

And just how popular speed cubing has become now, is due in large part to what this Kern County native set out to do in 2008.

A sophomore in high school at then time, Brown started building custom speed cubs in his mom's house. “I was a kid with just a dream at that point,” recalled Brown. 

The dream he envisioned 10-years ago, now growing into an internationally known online brand.

Brown's company Speed Cube Shop, regarded as the top custom speed cube design company in the country—taking ordinary cubes found online, and turning them into a completely enhanced product.

“We take the cube, as a cube that you known it, and it's going to be an unrecognizable pile of pieces and that's what makes it special,” he said. “Every aspect of the cube, is all taken care of by us, we don’t leave anything untouched."

He and his staff of 15-employees, stripping down a cube— rebuilding and customizing it inside their southwest Bakersfield warehouse—Replacing ordinary stickers with specialized material, and industry specific glues.

“It really is a lot of detail oriented work."

His team adding hundreds of magnets in the tiniest spaces within a cube, all to provide a seamless experience for his users.

“So what were doing is adding lubricants to the entire cube, the hardware, the core and the pieces, we have our own techniques of doing this, and our own lubricants that we use that make this really really special."

The word is out as to just how special his product is.

Last year, one of Speed Cube Shop's puzzles used in the setting a new world record.

“It's the coolest thing ever, being able to say, not only myself but these guys all played a role in breaking not only their best time but a world record, that’s something that I don't think anybody can just say."

Speed Cube Shop shipping nearly 700 orders from their warehouse each day.

“It’s absolutely crazy, I started this out of my room at my moms house, it was on a shoe rack, now it’s almost as big as my house, it’s crazy."

And this year, the high school grad, turned speed cube enthusiast in on track to generate nearly 3-million dollars in revenue.

His business growing nearly 800-percent year over year-on track to become the biggest custom speed shop in the world.

“The growth has been absolutely, insane, I never thought it would be to this scale."

Even with that success in the business world, Brown hasn't forgotten where he came from, or how he got started.

The 23-year old frequently visiting local high school's hoping to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs—showing them with hard work, and determination, they too, can live out their dreams.

“Hey you can do this, it just takes work, making the right decisions it's not rocket science, just about having the passion, and following it and making the right decisions to make it work."

The high school student who never gave up on his dreams..turning his hobby into a nationally known movement—and it all began right here, in Kern County.