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Ideas to keep yourself entertained while at home this weekend

Posted at 5:42 AM, May 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-01 14:37:30-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — We are heading into the 7th weekend of quarantine. If you're starting to feel bored, we have some ideas to keep you entertained without having to leave your home.

Social distancing has disrupted our daily routines. Although we must limit face to face contact with people outside our household, cancel events, and work from home, we can still find ways to have fun at home.

If you're not particularly great in the kitchen, now's the time to work on those cooking skills. Social media is a great tool to not only connect with others but also learn new skills. Local instagrammer, Avery Andrew, posts new recipes and ideas to her account @AverysAppetite to keep her followers learning new meals.

"More than likely I like to do my recipes on a budget. Teaching people how to take recipes from when they were out, and implement it into their own kitchens," Avery said.

She says the experience is about more than just cooking -- it's about making memories with your family.

"Especially Kern County. We like to keep those strong family values... and what a good time to do something like that and look back on it, and say that in the midst of everything, you started a family tradition that carried on the longevity of the health for the family."

Avery added that right now, many people may be trying to avoid the grocery store, making it harder to try out new meals. She suggested a website that allows you to input the ingredients you have at home, that will come up with a recipe just for you.

You can also check out live broadcasts of daily workout and dance classes. It's a great way to get active when you're home and the live broadcasts helps you stay motivated because you know other people are also partaking in the class!

"I know through my crossfit gym, Crossfit Feral Grit Fitness Bakersfield, we have 6 classes a day that are through zoom coaching, so its always a coach," Carrie Wageman, a local fitness trainer and P.E. teacher, said.

Coach Carrie says finding ways to exercise from home can also help with your mental health.

"Just stay active! Even if that means, if your backyard is small or whatever, you're just doing shuffles back and forth, or walking."

Most importantly, focus on being grateful, whether its your job or your health, can be a great way to add some perspective and stay positive during this pandemic.

"When you think about hobbies you want to carry into the rest of your life even after this pandemic is over, I feel like cooking for yourself and exercise are the two most important things that are going to keep you healthy long term," Avery said.