Kern County Democratic Party leaders call on Kevin McCarthy to resign

Kevin McCarthy
Posted at 11:30 PM, Jan 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-12 02:30:57-05

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — In response to the storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters, the Kern County Democratic Party leaders called on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to resign.

In a statement recently released, the Democratic Party leaders said: "Bakersfield Representative Kevin McCarthy, in his role as House Minority Leader, has been among the most vocal and influential members of Congress to engage in this type of behavior. His public reaction to Joe Biden’s victory in the days after the November election demonstrates his clear intent to work on behalf of Trump to overturn the election result: 'President Trump won this election so everyone who's listening, do not be quiet. Do not be silent about this. We cannot allow this to happen before our very eyes, join together, and let's stop this.' (Kevin McCarthy, Nov. 6, 2020). We have repeatedly called on Congressman McCarthy to abandon this type of dangerous rhetoric and acknowledge the result of the presidential election. Instead, he doubled down on his efforts to prevent the certification of the election... Through his actions, Kevin McCarthy committed the grave crime of sedition against his country and is therefore no longer fit to serve in the United States House of Representatives. We call on him to resign."

While 23ABC awaits a statement from McCarthy himself, on Monday, a spokesperson had this to say: "Congressman McCarthy is honored to serve our community and will continue to provide a voice to our communities that want to see Washington work together and address the challenges facing our country."