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Combatting pollution at the port of Los Angeles

Yellow Semi Truck Travels On Interstate In Springtime
Posted at 10:23 AM, Aug 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-24 13:23:43-04

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (KERO) — An operation is underway at the port of Los Angeles to combat pollution using technology to detect heavy polluting trucks driving through the area.

This is the PEAQ system short for Portable Emissions Acquisition System. The California Air Resources Board demonstrated its mobile version in San Pedro on Tuesday and its goal is to uphold air pollution laws by identifying high-emitting heavy-duty trucks.

"Californians face some of the worst air pollution in the United States and in the world. Areas like Long Beach or disadvantaged communities that are exposed to high level of emissions beyond what the average person in California is," said Cody Howard, of the California Air Resources Board.

They collect air from each truck and test it for things like smoke emissions, black carbon, and nitric oxide. If they detect high levels, trucks are pulled over and inspected. If emissions are still high during the second check, they can get a citation. Those range from $300 to $1,000.

The California Resources Board also has plans for the future to even further its goal of reducing harmful emissions like the smog check program in 2023