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Fast food workers strike in favor of AB 257

Fast food worker strike
Posted at 7:24 AM, Nov 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-16 10:25:09-05

CALIFORNIA (KERO) — Fast food workers across the state are on strike, protesting an effort to overturn a new labor law increasing regulations on the industry.

"For me, AB 257 means a radical change because this law will protect us and provide support to protect our rights as workers," said fast food worker Maria Bernal. "As human beings, we are not respected. They treat us like we are machines to make burgers."

AB 257, also known as the FAST Act, not only regulates fast food industry working conditions, but also pushes the minimum wage to as much as $22 an hour.

"It upsets me to be out here fighting for something that we already won," said Sergio Balderrama, a fast food worker.

The organization Save Local Restaurants is hoping to overturn AB 257. It released a statement that reads in part: "Nearly a million California voters have already voiced their concerns with the FAST Act, which could raise food prices by 20% at a time of record inflation, cost thousands of jobs, and force the closure of local businesses. California voters should have a say in whether they shoulder the burden of higher prices and job losses this law will cause."