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Two opposing groups attend abortion protest at University of California Berkeley

UC Berkeley campus
Posted at 6:43 AM, Aug 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-29 10:47:10-04

BERKELEY, Calif. (KERO) — One of the topics likely to be on the minds of voters this November will be abortion. On Friday, August 26th, University of California Berkeley students faced off on both sides of the issue.

One of the two groups, Pro-Life San Francisco, is asking voters to vote No on Prop 1 in this year's elections. Proposition 1 would amend the California constitution to establish a right to reproductive freedom, which would include abortion.

"I do think, though, that there are lots of students taking photos, videos, who probably never even knew what Prop 1 was, who now do, and that really was our purpose," said Anastasia Rogers, a member of Pro-Life San Francisco.

Meanwhile, a separate group named Rise Up for Abortion Rights came out in larger numbers, chanting "a baby is not a baby until it comes out.” Both groups tried to drown out the other while using their signs to cover the other's message.

"Once you let go of logic and reason, once you let go of listening to both sides objectively, and trying to find the objective truth, it just leads to chaos and anarchy," said Trinity, a student at UC Berkeley who attended the protest. "I feel like this is definitely a testament to that."

Proposition 1 will be on the ballot this November.