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Tehachapi dance studio offering virtual classes

Posted at 6:47 AM, Apr 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-02 09:47:52-04

TEHACHAPI, Calif. — Parents across the country are trying to find new ways to make sure their kids are learning and staying entertained. Now that schools across California will officially remain physically closed for the duration of the academic year, coming up with new ideas is becoming more difficult.

A dance studio in Tehachapi is helping with that, while also improving your child's health and happiness.

Joscelyn Rivers is the founder of The Dance Craze, a studio for people of all ages.

“We just had so many kids that were texting us saying we miss dance and we want to do this and you know it was just kind of heart breaking that they were just sitting at home,” Joscelyn said.

According to the CDC, children and teenagers may respond more strongly to the stress of a crisis. Joscelyn decided to tackle that by bringing her classes to her students' living rooms.

“In this crazy time where all the kids are just kinda like what is going on? We’re being schooled at home and nervous about everything and they feel that. And this is a normalcy they can have at home. Something fun they can look forward to and see their friends,” Joscelyn said. “Parents text me like, look at this they’re doing makeup and hair, and they make a whole production of it it’s so cool.”

And for many, these dance classes have become a family affair.

“There are so many families that are like, let’s take a dance class together. I’ve even had moms that try tap. Like they’ve ordered tap shoes. And are taking tap with their kids..." Joscelyn said. "Or there will be some dancing with their dogs, they’re just making the best of the situation... It’s super cute.”

Joscelyn considers these positive responses a silver lining of the pandemic.

“That’s something they’re not gonna forget. You know? While the world is kind of crazy right now, they’re still making awesome memories.”

Their dance tutorial videos can be found on their YouTube channel. Some of their videos are private, just for their customers, but you can access those by signing up on their website.