Advice for finding the right virtual tutor

Posted at 8:16 AM, Jul 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-29 12:48:46-04

We know many parents and grandparents are agonizing over the upcoming school year. We want to help you and your family make the best decision about going safely back to school.

All week, we're sharing different ideas to help you decide what's best for your family. 23ABC's Daniela Garrido spoke with a local tutoring company on what parents should consider before outsourcing for help.

The idea of learning a language or a high-level math course through a Xoom classroom with sometimes 20 other students can seem daunting to some students. As parents look for the best resources to help their child succeed during this uncertain school year, 23ABC spoke with a Kern County tutoring company on what you should consider when looking for the right tutor for your child.

As many schools will move toward distance learning for the first time, parents and students may be looking to outsource additional help such as a tutor. According to Kern Tutoring, they've received a high demand for elementary and high school tutoring for the upcoming school year.

"Parents have really two main choices a private tutor or a private company or program," said Gustavo Luna, founder of Kern Tutoring. "Sometimes parents just call to ask questions about what the resources are for students."

Luna has some advice parents should consider when looking for the right tutor for their student.

"Number one is that you want to make sure the person working with your child is trustworthy. We encourage asking for references and using someone local in case things go wrong. You can pass by their office or speak with someone in person"

Whether you choose to go with a company or a private tutor, it's important to ask for their background, credentials, and references.

"Ask that person what are their future goals," explained Luna. "Do they want to become teachers? Are they retired teachers? Is the college student knowledgeable in the subject their tutoring in?"

Also, tutoring is not a one size fits all. According to research, tutoring for elementary students should have a strong focus on language arts and be interactive.

"Find someone that matches your childs personality. You dont want a college math major working with a preschool because they think like a professor," said Luna.

However, high school and college students are typically looking for tutors focused on math with experience and expertise teaching in the subject.

"For high school students, it's more about 'help me pass. Help me get an A'. They don't care about cool activities. They care if you know the material," said Luna. "If you're going with a company, ask for credentials of the instructors or if you're going for a college student ask for transcripts"