BCSD mental health resources in distance learning

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Posted at 11:43 AM, Jul 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-17 14:52:29-04

The current financial crisis due to COVID-19 has left many people unemployed, feeling frustrated & helpless in a time of extreme vulnerability. So, 23ABC is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses rebound. @DanielaGarrido23ABC has resources for students and parents as they return to school at a distance.

For many students, the school can be a safe haven. The Bakersfield City School District knows this and that's why they have put an emphasis on making sure mental health and emotional learning services are still available through distance learning.

This week, the BCSD was one of many school districts to decide to start the fall semester through distance learning.

"From the beginning of this pandemic our district has reiterated to the entire organization about how important mental health and social-emotional learning is to our students and their families," said Dr. Tim Fulenwider/, executive director of BCSD Instructional Support:

23ABC spoke with Carla Garcia, a BCSD school social worker on the plans they have to address mental health during this uncertain time.

"Anxiety comes from the worry of the future and since things are so unknown right now we anticipate that anxiety will be heightened for a lot of our students," said Garcia. "We want to make a series for parents specifically on things like anxiety and how to work with your student in the home"

The school district said they plan to have telehealth counseling services and hold informational town halls to help students and parents understand and navigate their emotions better.

"Being able to acknowledge and validate your students' feelings many of them may feel sad or angry that they can't be around their peers or teachers so its a drastic change for all of them," said Garcia.

According to a school psychologist, the biggest change will be helping your child adapt to playtime and work time within the home setting.

"They're going to have to switch from being home on summer vacation to now going to school also in their home so being able to develop a routine maybe its a special word, object, bracelet, shirt, or a designated area that helps them make that switch into school," explained Garcia.

These resources are from the Bakersfield City School District but 23ABC will continue to bring you resources that other local school districts are working on to help you manage this time.