Companies are looking for tech-savvy remote workers

Programs are available to help employees learn
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Posted at 9:51 AM, Apr 05, 2021

(KERO) — Throughout the past year, companies have shifted to working remotely and it looks like that change could be here to stay.

Many companies are looking for tech-savvy employees that are able to work remotely and are even offering training to get everyone up to speed. "Tech Elevator" is a 14-week coding boot camp where students learn to become software developers.

Says Rita Stall of Tech Elevator: "We're seeing technologist jobs growing at 21-percent so almost 5 times the national average for sector industry growth. Think about sectors for finance or retail where some of the growth is leveling or declining. We're seeing a massive increase of need for technologists across the United States."

Businesses are also getting government money to help retain their employees as they go through this type of program.

If you don't have a job lined up programs such as tech elevator can help you get started.

And as some companies explore remote work others are looking to get employees back inside the office especially as more people are getting vaccinated. Google has told employees it has set September 1st as its deadline to go back to the workplace.

Employees at Bloomberg expect to return to the office after they're vaccinated.

According to reports, 70 percent of business leaders say they plan to have employees return to the office by this fall.