What to do if you bought an airline ticket you can't use?

Posted at 11:33 AM, Jul 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-10 14:33:19-04

The current financial crisis due to COVID-19 has left many people unemployed feeling frustrated and helpless in a time of extreme vulnerability. So 23ABC is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses "rebound."

Kristin Bryne from our sister station in Milwaukee has more on what to do if you bought an airline ticket you can no longer use.

Charlie Wise booked a Frontier Flight in February to see his family in Denver. Then the world witnessed the COVID-19 health crisis. He canceled his flight for March 20.

"I'm an older guy. I actually have Type 2 Diabetes. So I have an underlying medical condition. I'm not planning on flying until this whole thing is taken care of and there's a vaccine and i know that it's absolutely safe."

However, when Wise asked for a refund, the airline would only provide a credit. He went back and forth with a Frontier representative saying he didn't want a credit. He wanted his $200 plus dollars back.

Frontier wouldn't budge and when we contacted them a spokesperson told us in part it would be different if the airline canceled the flight, but in this case, the customer voluntarily canceled their reservation. During his dispute with the airline, Wise reached out to the Better Business Bureau.

"Call the airline. It may take numerous times you have to be persistent," explained Jim Temmer, president and CEO of the Wisconsin BBB.

Temmer said you can also try your credit card company and dispute the charge because you never received what you paid for. Finally, even though this wasn't the case with Wise, if the airline canceled your flight, you need to know your rights. According to the Department of Transportation, if an airline cancels or significantly changes a flight, people should be able to get refunds.

Here's your rebound rundown: if you cancel a flight and want a refund, call, email, or message the airline on social media and be persistent. If the airline was the one to cancel your flight and still denies your refund, file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Transportation