Bakersfield College tennis heads to Ojai State Tournament

Posted at 5:49 PM, Apr 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-26 21:55:20-04

It's shaping up to be a busy weekend for Bakersfield College Tennis, as they head to Ojai for the annual state tournament. 

Under Head Coach Nick Loudermilk, the women's team had a record setting season. For the first time in BC history, the team had 18 wins. This secured them the spot as co-champions of the Western State Conference in the CCCAA.

"I'll tell you what," Coach Loudermilk said. "I've been coaching tennis for going on 14, 15 years now, and to be honest with you I can truly say that this year is the most rewarding year of tennis I have ever coached."

In fact, only one team of girls didn't qualify for this year's tournament. They have three singles and three doubles teams competing. 

Meanwhile, the Bakersfield Men's team finished the regular season ranked 10th in Southern California. 

They have two doubles teams competing this year.

The Ojai State Tournament starts on Thursday and lasts through Sunday. 

Here is a look at first round matches: 

Men's Doubles:

Chanrien Ul/Fabian Cardenas are playing against the #11 seeds, Jeff Chale/Josh Harder (Folsom Lake) @ 2pm tomorrow.  Winner plays Friday @ 12:30pm

Nick Hunter/Mario Cabaloza are playing against Chris Gordon/Louis Tanda (El Camino) @ 12:30pm tomorrow.  Winner plays later that afternoon @ 3:30pm

Women's Singles:

Paige Darstein plays against Marilyn Kathka (San Diego City) tomorrow morning @ 8am; winner plays again the same day @ 11am

Riley Tucker, seeded #14, plays against Seannah Lewis (Shasta), tomorrow morning @ 9:30am.  Winner plays Friday morning @ 8am

Kaylee Defrees plays against the #13 seed, Aggie Johnson (American River) @ 9:30am tomorrow morning.  Winner plays Friday @ 8am

Women's Doubles:

Riley Tucker/Kaylee Defrees, seeded #14 play against Alexis Cervantes/Liz Martinez (College of the Sequoias) @ 12:30pm tomorrow.  Winner plays Friday @ 12:30pm

Arianna Acevedo/Serena Contreras play against Sabrina Chong/Leonor Garcia (Cuyamaca) @ 12:30pm tomorrow.  Winner plays again @ 3pm


Paige Darstein/Brittany Aguilar play against the #13 seeds, Erin Cline/Arielle Frank (Folsom Lake) @ 3pm tomorrow.  Winner plays Friday @ 12:30pm