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North High Star tackles barriers

Posted at 11:48 PM, Oct 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-19 02:48:03-04

North High’s Michael Snow Spaulding made his first touchdown last week against East High.


But, it was not just any touchdown.


“I felt so many different emotions. I was excited. I cried. Because I knew he was going to be happy. As soon as all the players ran to him, it just made me feel so good,” said Misty Patton, Michael’s stepmother.


His parents are proud because Michael is autistic, has ADHD and is tongue-tied.


But just like any tackle, Michael does not let it stop him.


He always comes out sprinting. Never asked not to be in a drill. He has no problem trying to tackle our biggest guys to our littlest guys. If we give him the ball to run, he likes to run and it does not matter to him if he gets tackled,” said head coach Ryan Branson.


His head coach says that moment is something he will never forget.


“If you have a special needs child don’t limit them to what they’re suppose to do. Let them excel in whatever they want to do. Because you know, they might surprise you,” said Michael Spaulding, Michael’s father.


 Michael’s father says Michael will be receiving tongue surgery very soon.