Kern County prepares for rain and snow this week

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Posted at 11:41 AM, Dec 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-12 14:41:24-05

Across Kern County, we’re starting our week right with clear sunny skies. It’s perfect weather for Sunday brunch with friends or walking your dog. The high is a crisp 60 degrees with lows in the forties. Residents of Bakersfield should take a coat outside with them.

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As far as the rest of the county is concerned, the temperatures stay in that low 50 to low 60 range Our mountain communities will get the coldest at 53 in Frazier park 51 pine mountain club, while our desert communities have the highest but still coldest weather at 59 in California city and even 60 in Ridgecrest. With those cold temperatures, rain and even for some, snow is on the way on Monday and Tuesday.
Our mountain communities such as Lake Isabella, Tehachapi, Frazier park will have temperatures in the high fifties to start the week and then high-to-low forties, coupled with rainfall.

There is also a freeze warning in effect Sunday for desert communities like Mojave, therefore Sunday may be the day you enjoy a hot coco inside by the fire.

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Enjoy the sun and nice air quality while you can, because clouds and cold weather are going to make their way into the Valley Sunday night.

The rest of the country is getting hit harder than California with snow showers in Denver, severe Thunderstorms in the Midwest, and even Tornadoes in states like Kentucky. California has a storm and cold front heading our way, making its way from the northwest down to Northern California and eventually touching down in Kern County.

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On Monday, there’s a 30 to 60 percent chance of rain and it may be breezy. Rainfall is almost guaranteed Monday night, as there is a 90 percent chance.

The rain totals are heavy, in Bakersfield and surrounding communities. Half an inch to two inches is expected. Our mountain communities like Frazier Park and Pine Mountain Club may get some snow, and it’s even expected on the passes. That may impact your travel. If you plan on traveling on the Grapevine, for instance 23ABC has some tips for you:

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-Slow down! Break and accelerate slowly

-Leave plenty of distance between you and the car in front of you

-Remove all snow from your vehicle before driving

-Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle with water, food, warm clothes, a first aid kit and other essentials

Snow totals are going to be higher for the Sierra Nevada, according to the National Weather Service. We’re looking at two to four feet of now above 5000 feet and of 5 to 8 feet at higher elevations. With that, NWS warns us to expect travel delays, snow covered roads and low visibility. They suggest bringing snow chains with you if you do need to travel.

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The storms are expected to clear out on Wednesday, only to return to us on Thursday. Friday and Saturday we’re anticipating partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures across valley, desert and mountain communities across Kern County.