Soaking rain event leaves us clearing and cooler today

Enjoy good air quality with cool Fall 60s
Valley 10-day forecast 10/26/2021
Mountains 7-day forecasts 10/26/2021
Posted at 5:56 AM, Oct 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-26 11:27:01-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Yesterday's Atmospheric River-fueled cold front brought an impressive 0.91" to Meadows Field, with even more where the severe thunderstorm and line of training thunderstorm marched down the valley between I-5 and the 99 yesterday.

The storm has cleared overnight, with a cool breeze working to push out the last of the trapped clouds this morning. As a result, we are close to that recipe for fog, but it's not quite there, as we need clear skies and calm conditions to get the really dense fog forming here in the valley. Watch out for patches of fog, especially in the rural areas near large areas of wet fields, during your morning commute. Looking ahead, with our saturated soil I think we have a better chance to see that fog development overnight tonight into tomorrow morning!

Until then, a cool breeze keeps those temperatures down, expect a cool but calmer 62 in Bakersfield today, 60 in Lake Isabella, 50 in Tehachapi, 51 in Frazier Park and a range of 60s in the Kern Desert. Enjoy the good air quality countywide today!

We'll be slowly warming day by day through the end of the week, with a return to those sunny and seasonal 70s Thursday through Saturday.

A look ahead shows a chance storm brewing for Northern California Saturday into Sunday. It doesn't look very wet, but I'll adjust our weekend forecast to show increasing clouds and winds on Sunday that cool us down here in Kern County, but I'll keep the forecast dry for now for our trick-or-treaters that night and you know I'll be watching the forecast closely for you!

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