Warm and hazy for now, but better weather is in sight!

An Air Quality Alert remains in effect through Monday
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Posted at 4:12 PM, Oct 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-04 01:35:54-04

Smoky, hazy, and warm weather is going to be with us though the weekend.

Smoke from the KNP Complex and the Windy Fire continue to flow into the Valley, bringing poor air quality and enough concern for the Valley Air District to issue an air quality alert through Monday.

In addition to the air issues, temperatures will be warmer than average through Monday, in the lower 90s in the Valley.

Looking into next week, we've got some big improvements on the horizon.

Our temperatures begin to fall and our air quality should start to improve on Tuesday as an upper level low moves onshore.

We won't see dramatic change from that system, but it opens the door for another, stronger system to start to move in later in the week.

Starting Thursday we can expect a BIG cooldown through the end of next weekend, with lower 70s in the Valley likely and highs in the 60's not out of the question!

During this time, we can also expect a slight chance of rain on Thursday evening - Friday morning for parts of the San Joaquin Valley.

Light snowfall is not out of the question for areas to the North of us during this time, above 7,000 ft. One to two inches of snow is possible in the highest elevations.