Windy weekend with warmer weather ahead

Parts of East Kern are under a Wind Advisory
Posted at 9:27 PM, Apr 27, 2024

Temperatures are slowly climbing over the weekend, and are expected to continue to climb next week.

Saturday’s lows range between the 40s and 50s throughout the county. As for Sunday’s highs, Bakersfield will have a high of 78°, while the Kern River Valley settles at 72°. Otherwise, Kern can expect as low as 61° in the mountains and as high as 83° in the desert.

While warm in the desert, there is also a Wind Advisory expected to expire on Sunday at 3 a.m. The Mojave desert slopes will have 25-35 mph winds, with gusts near 50 mph. If you plan on driving in the area, expect sudden wind gusts that may require corrective steering. There is also a possibility of reduced visibility, due to blowing dust.

Temperatures are expected to rise next week, with the possibility of 90° towards the end of the week.

Stay safe, and enjoy the weekend.

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