REVIEW: Spairs' debut album 'Spills' will please Ned's Atomic Dustbin fans

Posted at 1:58 PM, Aug 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-29 16:58:04-04

(KERO) — For fans eagerly awaiting Spairs' debut "Spills," you can finally hear the full album.

Consisting of Ned's Atomic Dustbin singer Jonn Penney and drummer Dan Worton, Spairs offers something a bit different than the underrated Ned's with a bit slower songs.

Now, "Spills" isn't an album to wave your lighters to but there's the melodic title track and the sing-along down tempo "False Alarm" which offer a bit of a contrast to Ned's.

And although there's the cheeky song title of "Takes One to No One," recalling "A Leg End in His Own Boots," Spairs are great as an entirely different band.

One has to admire Worton who plays all the instruments on "Spills" showcasing great drumming, guitar riffs, and sublime bass lines.

There's also the relevancy of Penney's lyrics including going against the grain of society on "This Pace Won't Wait" especially the chorus: "This pace won't wait/can I save your soul?/If it don't belong to you, can I make you whole?"

In a year of great music with a new Joss Stone album, The Linda Lindas debut, among others, this is my favorite album so far. The songs stick in your head with their catchiness and although Penney says a new Ned's album is unlikely, Spairs fills that void nicely and has a bright future.