Lamont Elementary School District returns to the classroom

“We’re ready to go."
Posted at 8:33 AM, Jul 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-28 11:33:20-04

LAMONT, Calif. — "We’re very excited to be back with our students in person with traditional schedules," said Lamont Elementary School District Superintendent Miguel Guerrero.

It’s been nearly a year since Guerrero saw his nearly 3,000 students on campus.

“[To] kind of resume those routines that we had before, that would just be nice," he said. "That would just be a great feeling to get them all back.”

Wednesday marks the first day of school for the school district with normal, in-person learning.

It all comes from CDC and state guidelines. As of July 9, the CDC acknowledged the importance of in-person learning. The guidelines recommend face masks for those unvaccinated and maintaining at least a three-foot distance between students and staff.

Because many students are too young to be eligible for a vaccine, other protocols like screenings, ventilation and hand washing are recommended.

“We’re ready to go. You know, COVID is almost like a part of our lives now so we need to make sure that obviously the protocols are established," said Guerrero. "Our team is hoping we can implement them effectively and be prepared to really start the year with our students coming back.”

Hybrid classes will no longer be an option with all students returning five days a week.

Guerrero said he can’t wait to see the schools active again.

“You forget how much you miss them," he said. "Without them it wasn’t the same, coming to [an] empty campus.”

And as one of the first Kern County districts to return to school after an unprecedented year, Guerrero said they couldn’t feel more ready.

“We’re just happy to kind of just kick it off and move forward and [start] the school year," he said.

As for other school districts like BCSD and KHSD, their first day of school is August 18.