Patrons will undergo a screening process first to determine if they are a candidate COVID-19 testing

Posted at 8:27 PM, Mar 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-17 23:34:22-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — If you are looking for more information about the testing processes for COVID-19, here are a few things you should know before heading to a local testing facility.

On Tuesday Priority Urgent Care began testing for COVID-19 at all four of their locations. Starting on Wednesday Accelerated Urgent Care will begin testing at their location on Coffee Road.

You do not need a note from your doctor to be seen at a testing facility. Priority Urgent Care does urge patrons to make appointments online. Each testing facility does allow patrons to show up on site for screenings, but does not allow patrons into the medical facility until authorized by medial staff.

Both facilities require patrons to go through a screening process first, screening can be done at the testing sites.

The screening process is to exam patrons and determine if they need further testing, and will include a series of questions and respiratory examinations.

Typical screening questions asked may be:

Have you have traveled outside of Kern County in last 30 days?

Have you have had close contact with anyone who has tested positive for the virus?

Have you experienced a fever, cough of difficulty breathing in the last 14 days?

Another portion of the screening includes respiratory testing. Patients will be screened for coughing, fever, influenza and other respiratory issues. Depending on the respiratory lab performed patients could receive results within minutes or results could take days, depending on the facility and test.

Once respiratory lab results are reviewed, medical officials at the testing facility will determine if COVID-19 testing is the next best step.

If a patient is determined they need testing for COVID-19, a nasal swab is performed.

The lab results for COVID-19 could take up to five days depending on the location and facility. Patients will be advised to self-quarantine during this time. Patients will be contacted with the results of their COVID-19 test.

Both facilities said patients should remain in self-isolation if they test positive for COVID-19.

For more information on how a patient should handle their care after a positive test result, contact testing facilities directly.

All patients are advised to check costs and coverage of respiratory labs and COVID-19 testing with their health care providers for more information.